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Events for 2020 (Cancelled until further notice)

1.  Evening walk Sunday 16 February at tomato Lake, Belmont.  Meet at 5:30 pm.
2. Evening walk Saturday 7 March at Bardon Park, East Perth. Meet at 5:30 pm.

3. Open Show - Sunday 3 May at DogsWest grounds in Southern River.  9 am.

4.  Fun Day Sunday 17 May at Garvey Park, Ascot. 10 to 1:30. 

5.  Fun Day Sunday 5 July at Beaton Park, Dalkeith.  10 to 1:30.

6.  Sausage Sizzle - 9 August at Bunnings Harrisdale.  8 to 4.  Helpers welcome.  

7.  Sausage Sizzle - 13 September at Bunnings Harrisdale. 8 to 4.  Helpers welcome.

6.  Royal Show - September - Terrier Day tba.

8.  Championship Show - Sunday 18 October at DogsWest grounds in Southern River.  9 am.

9.  Fun Day - Sunday 18 October at Rockingham Beach Dog Park.  10 to 1:30.

10. Sausage Sizzle - 25 October at Bunnings Harrisdale.  8 to 4  Helpers welcome.

11.  Fun Day and AGM - Sunday 13 December at Rushton Park Kelmscott. 10 to 1:30.

Committee Members

Your committee organises Fun Days at different venues throughout the year and each occasion can vary depending upon the season.  During the hot months we enjoy a cool evening walk and at other times the agility equipment or lure chasing machine is available.  Dogs and owners enjoy these fun days which often include a sausage sizzle with drinks.  As the club is affiliated with DogsWest we are required to host two conformation shows each year - May is our open show and October is our championship show.


Committee members are voted in for a duration of one year at our Annual General Meetings held in November each year.  Congratulations to our 2020 committee: 


President:   Gary Fulton 

Secretary:  Debbie Lambert 

Treasurer:  Pat Bingham  

Vice President:   Peter Kontor 


Committee:  Grace Fulton, K Steicke, L Bingham, K Moriconi, C Kontor, C Burrows, D Beet and A Dempster.


Our Life Members are:  Julie Anderson, Rick Hall, Gary Fulton, Lee Cullinane, Keith Steicke, Val Steicke, Debbie Lambert and Grace Fulton.


In order to promote the breed and gain recognition with the Australian National Kennel Council these dogs deserved, an enthusiastic group of owners got together in October 1991 and formed the Miniature Terrier Association of WA.

Two months earlier a club had been formed in South Australia. Just under two years later the name of the breed was formally changed to Tenterfield Terrier in both States and the two clubs, while keeping their own identity, united as members of the Tenterfield Terrier Club of Australia Inc. There are now clubs in most States.

The clubs set a proposed standard for these dogs and endeavored to breed to this standard. By registering the parentage of each litter born, and each pup as it was sold, the required records were kept for application for recognition of the breed. It was hoped the dogs would eventually be placed on a development register with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC). 

Competitions held within the clubs helped identify the dogs showing traits nearest to the standard, and by breeding from these dogs, we were able to produce a dog instantly recognizable as a Tenterfield Terrier. Conformation /Field Days were held which involved judging the dogs on their conformation followed by fun events after lunch, such as an agility course, 50-metre dash, obedience trial and high jump. Tenterfield Terriers have now gained status in many fields of competition such as Agility, Fly Ball and Tracking.

Due to the hard work and diligent recording of pedigrees kept over the years, it was passed by the ANKC at the meeting in October 2001 that the breed be accepted outright.  In 2007 the National Tenterfield Terrier Council (Aust) was formed, which is aligned with the ANKC, and its members are currently clubs from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia. 

If you own, or are interested in owning, a Tenterfield Terrier you are most welcome to join the Tenterfield Terrier Club of WA. Membership provides you with the Club’s quarterly magazine and discounted fees to fun days held throughout the year at parks and reserves around Perth’s suburbs. Please contact the Club’s Secretary for more information.