Tenterfield Terrier Club of Western Australia

Tenterfield Terrier Club of Western Australia

Tenterfield Terrier Club of Western AustraliaTenterfield Terrier Club of Western AustraliaTenterfield Terrier Club of Western Australia

For lovers of dogs with a lot of talent in a little package.



Tenterfield  Terriers are the ideal house dog, they love being with the family, need little room indoors and can adapt to a small yard, as long as they  receive sufficient exercise. A little mate with a heart as big as Australia, a dog for people aged from 1 to 100.  They are a dog the whole family can share and enjoy.  They are hardy, outgoing, loyal and  bold.  Tenterfield Terriers can fit in with a houseful of noisy kids, go everywhere with the family, and fit on the back seat of the car with the children, and will not take over the whole seat.

Tenterfield  Terriers are versatile dogs and have shown their ability to be champions at obedience, agility, tracking, conformation showing and flyball.  There are also Tenterfield Terrier assistance dogs.  

After many years of hard work and campaigning by dedicated members throughout Australia the Tenterfield Terrier became the name of the previously known "Mini Foxie" in 1992.  As at 1st January 2002 the Tenterfield Terrier received recognition as Australia's newest breed by the Australian National Kennel Council and as from 1st June 2002 these wonderful little dogs were able to enter official conformation and agility rings for the first time. 

Our next event

An Evening Walk on Saturday 7 March at Bardon Park in Maylands.  Car park is at the end of Bardon Place off Fourth Avenue/Riverslea Avenue.  Meet between 5-5:30 for a walk along the Swan River to Banks Reserve.  BYO picnic.

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  • PUPS  - The breeders mentioned on this website are registered with DogsWest and strive to  breed dogs that have conformation that is true to the Tenterfield Terrier standard, as well as dogs with good natures and minimum health problems.

  • RE-HOMING  - On  occasions a Tenterfield Terrier needs to find a new home, so contact the Club Secretary if you are looking to re-home a dog or hope to offer a new home. 


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